Fighting For Change,
Supporting Our Community

Andrew Easterday for
Twin Falls County Sheriff

Fighting For Change,
Supporting Our Community

Andrew Easterday for
Twin Falls County Sheriff


I’m Andrew Easterday

It is a privilege to be in the running as a candidate for sheriff of Twin Falls County. When I am on patrol as an officer, my first instinct is to act from a position of understanding, empathy, and integrity. If given the opportunity to serve my community as sheriff, it is these qualities I will utilize to ensure that I am serving in my elected position in a way that benefits our community on every level.

About Me

Protecting Our Communities
& Supporting Our Deputies

Twin Falls is a beautiful county with a one-of-a-kind community. It’s no wonder that for the past 10 years, we have seen rapid growth as people flock to Idaho for our beautiful outdoors, career opportunities, and strong communities. Our county’s sheriff and police departments must grow and evolve in order to accommodate the ever changing needs of our growing community.

Every day, deputies and officers in the Twin Falls forces face new stresses and challenges in their line of duty. These challenges are often made worse by a lack of support. This lack of support combined with very few options for career advancement opportunities has led to a chronically understaffed sheriff’s department for our area. Twin Falls County struggles both to hire and maintain our current sheriff’s office workforce. Something has to change.

What I’m Fighting For


Improved Support & Benefits For County Deputies

Better provisions of insurance for all deputies and the introduction of competitive compensation opportunities will allow the department to remain competitive while building morale and incentivizing team members to do their best work.


Assessment & Improvement
of Traffic Response Teams

Establishing traffic response teams will provide more effective aid in crashes, help keep our roads safe, minimize our response times, and overall maximize the benefits that these response teams can provide to our community.


Reintroduction of K9 Units To The Twin Falls County Force

Given the uptick in drug-related crimes in Twin Falls County over the past few years, bringing K9s back to the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Department will not only aid our community’s safety but will help ensure the safety of our deputies as well. Twin Falls County saw a 29% increase in drug-related arrests from 2021 to 2022.

* Statewide Drug Arrest Stats (2021 - 899, 2022 - 1160)

Assessment & Revision of
Distress Response Protocols

Evaluation and re-consideration for the way that our deputies are allowed to respond to urgent distress calls will allow us to have faster, safer, and more effective responses to these delicate and time-sensitive situations.

How You Can Make A Difference


Learn More
About My Mission

If I am elected as sheriff, I plan to make Twin Falls a better place for officers and deputies to work, and a safer place for citizens to live, work, and play. You can learn about my current plans and initiatives by visiting the About Me page.


Cast Your Vote on May 21, 2024

If my goals and mission resonate with you, be sure to register to vote and make your way to the ballot box for the Republican Primary Election on May 21, 2024. Register to vote or view information about what your voting location will be by visiting Vote Idaho’s official voter information website.


Let’s Support Our Deputies & Our Communities

Great communities are made up of great people. By working together, we can make sure that Twin Falls remains an ideal place to work, live, and grow — both for civilians and families, as well as for members of the state’s public safety teams/force.

Great people working together can create and protect great communities. By working together, we can make sure that Twin Falls remains a great place to live both for members of the force and for civilians.